Are you anxious about where to start, whether you know enough or who’s even interested?

Let’s not make life harder than it needs to be when getting started with Content Marketing and Attraction Marketing.

Start with the one thing you really are an EXPERT in… 


No matter how others may see you or your life, only you lived it and lived it as you. People may have an opinion, but as far as your perspective on your life, that’s yours alone and is something you can own from the outset and something you know about inside out and backwards. 

By starting with ’you’ it doesn’t take long to find a range of topics you can confidently talk about and, nobody can argue with! More importantly it naturally opens connections with like-minded people making it easier to build confidence and develop skills and tools to expand these connections and relationships whilst maintaining your personal values.

Our journey to where we are now is unique and everyone of us has had a different path, and different experiences, yet when we start to talk about our stories, people naturally pick out similarities or familiarities with their own life, experience, thinking or approach. 

Attraction marketing is about people connecting with you because they like what they see, they relate to you in some way or are interested in your perspective. In my experience it is the life stuff that helps us to relate best. Wherever we are, it’s the things about people that are either similar to our own experiences or something we’re personally interested in that breaks down barriers and opens up a world of connection. And it can be something seemingly insignificant to us that is the trigger for a connection in someone else

Attraction marketing is not about convincing people, it’s about being in a place where people who are interested in what you have to ‘say’ (write, video) want to connect with you.

This video is about getting started by starting with you, your life and your experience, keeping it simple with some easy ideas and remembering your thoughts and experience are a valuable and valid platform to build upon.

Michelle Turner-Davidson is a speaker, trainer and mentor specialising in developing people and teams and taking the fear, hype and struggle out of network marketing. 

To find out how Michelle can help you, or if anything in this article resonates with you, do get in touch. You can fill out the comments below, email her at connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter @MichTD,  Facebook  or check out the rest of this 

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