6 ways to prevent the Grass is Greener syndrome in Network Marketing / MLM

6 ways to prevent the Grass is Greener syndrome in Network Marketing / MLM

It isn’t new…. people are always looking for something ‘better’ ‘newer’ ‘shinier’ and in the Network Marketing (NM), multi-level marketing (MLM) arena this is no different and it manifests in two different ways:

  1. The serial starter: those who are constantly looking at new or different NM / MLM opportunities and are seen popping up every little while with the next ‘best opportunity/product ever’ in their CV.
  2. Those who build seemingly very successful teams and businesses in one NM / MLM company yet decide to ‘jump ship’ to another company that they believe will give greater rewards. Sometimes it is just the individual Distributorship involved but often they take a large number of their downline (Team) with them. Creating an instant network and often ‘instant’ success in the new company, whilst often seriously disrupting the organisation and income streams of their uplines (those people above them) in the company they have left, and sometimes to a devastating level. Well, success in network marketing is, by design, built on the productivity of the network built, take away a substantial part of that network then the framework can easily become unstable and crumble.

Let’s take a look at those who fall under the first category, the serial starters.

Network Marketing may be simple, but it’s not easy. For many people the myth of fast success is constantly being fed to them by their Company, at MLM / Company events, trainings, all those ‘successful’ people who are ‘proof’ that it’s possible and all over social media.  And of course the vast majority of people starting in NM were essentially the ‘wrong’ people in a system that perpetuates the ‘wrong’ people being taught to recruit the ‘wrong’ people cycle as described here ‘Did you wake up in the morning…’  With no real understanding as to why it’s not working for them. For some it’s simply that they are ‘not doing enough’ – which may be true – but in an environment of one size fits all duplication it may actually be that what they are being taught isn’t right for them and ‘you’re just not doing enough’ is a fall back stance of upline’s who are caught up in the same cycle.

It takes time to build a stable and productive NM organisation not least because there is a lot to understand, learn and apply and then each person who joins the network has to go through the same process. No matter what is put out about speed of success the truth is that stable NM organisations / networks (and incomes) take time to build. But in the ‘Quick fix’ environment nurtured by NM companies and systems it is understandable that some people will believe the ‘problem’ of their lack of success is the result of the wrong product or wrong service, wrong marketing plan, wrong support or wrong company and because they understand enough to believe that NM will solve their problems, jumping to the next ‘right’ product, service, marketing plan, company makes sense… until … their experience is essentially the same. At this point some do take stock and work it out. Many just give up on NM and some go on believing that they just need to keep going until they hit the perfect product, service, marketing plan, company, training. And we all know what doing the same thing over again but expecting different results actually means.

Sadly it doesn’t take long for those on the outside to see this and credibility is lost quite quickly resulting in doors that once were open being gradually closed and then locked shut and the key thrown away.

For those in the second category, there is more logic. Learn all you need to know, make all your mistakes, do your apprenticeship, then move to a ‘better’, product, service, company and more rewarding marketing plan where you have all the tools, skills (and network)  in place to race up the marketing plan in your new company. In fact many of the top network marketers have been in other networking companies prior to the one the are known to be ‘successful’ in. This is a clear strategy, however there are some downsides, NM is a people business and unless you have been upfront about what you are doing, it can affect relationships, reputation and trust particularly with those people who invested their time and energy supporting and training you during your apprenticeship.

And what then of those who take their network with them? An instant success in the new company – it happens. However the downsides for the network (Team) they have left behind and the financial impact that will have on all of those in their upline payline can be devastating enough but it has an even bigger implication for the industry itself. Those pension-style, reciprocal incomes that the NM industry promotes so heavily and hangs its hat on are no more stable than the stock market. Some of those who have worked very hard to build their organisation and pension-style incomes can have large chunks wiped off over night. And let’s not forget that most marketing plans have at least a nominal ongoing productivity requirement to retain the benefit of the reciprocal income stream – which now may not be met by the remaining organisation – double whammy.  Ever wonder why people in NM very rarely stop working even when they appear to be earning very high incomes? The blow felt when whole teams leave one network to join another is the message of instability it puts out to the world. And what of success in the new company with the better products, better services, better marketing plan etc? It is no more stable than under the first company. Network Marketing, no matter which company, will have the same problems in a different guise. And what of the Success and position in the new company which has been built on bringing in a whole network rather than starting again one new team member at a time… why is this rarely shared and so many people lead to believe that those successes have been achieved as a result of hard work in the current company.   

So how do we overcome this:

1.Do your due diligence BEFORE you start in NM / MLM  Research and understand how network marketing works – the industry, the principles of an NM business, the companies and marketing plans and find out about the good, the bad and the ugly. Just as you would with ANY business or income stream.

2.Treat your NM / MLM business as a business. Look for resources and training that ensure you fully understand your market and how to reach it. Not just the trainings your NM Company offers.

3.Be clear on your own goals and whether the marketing plan of the company you are in can achieve this. Avoid basing any decisions on other people’s success and goals no matter how compelling they may appear.

4.Understand the risks and challenges in the Marketing Plan, Company, product, services, industry and put strategies, and contingency plans in place to get through these. ALL businesses have risks and challenges. Pretending they don’t or believing the hype will put you at risk and weaken your organisation

5.Focus on recruiting the right people who are like-minded, informed, and who approach the opportunity with a grounded, business-focused mindset.   

6.Create an organisation of strong independent businesses which is based on collaboration, resource, support, knowledge, autonomy* not hierarchy, power, secrecy, information privilege.  

By approaching  your NM/MLM business as a Business (with a capital B) you are able to be fully responsible and accountable for your development and success. By building an organisation/network of equal independent businesses who have been encouraged/expected to do their own due diligence and have autonomy over their goals and development – with access to the same resources and many more in a supportive and open environment that you nurture and facilitate. Building independent businesses in a way that truly aligns with your own life, experience and circumstances. No need for hype, searching for some magic, secret answer to success, or a better company, product, service, upline…. No need for the grass is greener…

When not motivated by other people’s success and methods and focusing only on making your business profitable to achieve your goals and in full knowledge of how to achieve it, even when things go wrong, and helping others to do the same on the same basis, the energy is very different.

One caveat here though is the idea of autonomy in NM. No matter how ‘independent’ the distributor / business owner is the Company will always be able to change the rules. Without any input or say from you. This has to be part of your due diligence and planning.      

Staying with one company and learning everything you need to know increases credibility and stability. Build a healthy relationship with your upline, based on mutual support and sharing resources – their relationship with the company is exactly the same as yours no matter how far up the marketing plan… and they may well have a different set of skills, experience, personality and circumstances and that’s great! You will complement each other.
If you do still think the grass is greener… remember, there’s no miracle, it still needs to be tended and mown and it may just have been paint sprayed…  

Michelle Turner-Davidson is a speaker, trainer and mentor specialising in developing people and teams and taking the fear, hype and struggle out of network marketing. 

To find out how Michelle can help you, or if anything in this article resonates with you, do get in touch. You can fill out the comments below, email her at michelle@laterthanyouthink.co.uk or connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter @MichTD,  Facebook  or check out the rest of this website MichelleTurnerDavidson.com 

Plumbing and why you need an online presence in Network Marketing and MLM

Plumbing and why you need an online presence in Network Marketing and MLM

If you don’t have an online presence in 2016 then you are seriously hindering your network marketing business. 

This isn’t about spamming people, being all over social media like a rash, crashing people’s feeds with ‘your stuff’…

This is about being in the place where people are looking! Where people go to have their questions answered. Where people do their own research, anonymously, to make their own informed decisions.

Think about your own life. If you need a plumber where do you go?

Google, FB, FB communities, friends on FB.

What do you look for?

Recommendations, service, information

If you don’t know that you need a plumber but your tap is dripping, where do you go? Google “How to stop a dripping tap” – which gives you lots of options, solutions (from DIY experts, plumbers, blog articles, websites, fb posts, linkedin articles,…)

Let’s say you find a number of articles which help you to work out what to do and do it yourself. If you are an avid DIYer – great! You now know which are the best blogs . websites to go to next time you have a plumbing problem too.

Or, at the very least you have a better understanding of the solution needed so that when you do find a plumber then you know what to expect.. oh hang on, the blog article was written by a plumber… Where will you go to ask more detailed information, now you ‘know’ a plumber? And if that plumber had a way to ‘talk you through’ what you need, you may realise that you can probably trust this plumber’s advice and feel connected. If they are local, you may even pay the plumber to do the job or see if they have any recommendations for a plumber near you. Even if they weren’t able to help directly you’ve had so much good advice and service you’ll definitely go back, or maybe order some parts through them, and maybe leave a recommendation, and share this via your FB, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts. Maybe even find the plumber on social media and start a conversation.

But maybe you’ve already found a plumber, met them face to face or someone recommends them to you. What do you do before you take on their advice or book them for a job?

You go online, you google them, find their website or FB page…

Whether you prefer to build your network marketing business face to face and through the direct approach, or are already online, don’t underestimate the amount of online research your potential new team member will be doing… Make sure they can find you! Make sure you are giving them a reason to choose you and not go somewhere else.

That fantastic prospect you met, who was so eager to get started, went to a Company Business Presentation, took the registration forms and then … stopped answering your calls. He googled you… went online and couldn’t find very much about you. But during the research someone else kept popping up on to the screen in the same search… you guessed. They joined them instead and not even a thank you for all the effort you put in showing him the opportunity.

This happens. Don’t let it be your prospect. Be smart! Get online!

You don’t have to have an all singing all dancing website. You can do loads with a free WordPress site and Linkedin.

You don’t have to be someone you are not… Lots of people are looking for someone just like YOU, with YOUR background, YOUR values, YOUR personality and your take on the business and products or services. Maybe that guy joined someone else’s team but when he got going he realised it was your approach that had really got him interested in the first place and the team he joined was high pressure and not at all for him around the work commitments he already had. So he loses out too…

This isn’t rocket science or complicated. Give them lots to read / see (videos / vlogs). People buy people. And you have a lot to share. Keep it SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE (consistent activity) keep it fresh, not perfect…

Make it easy for people to connect with YOU. Put your contact details (with live links) on each article you write.

But most of all get started, get online, and build your business and your online reputation!

Michelle Turner-Davidson is a speaker, trainer and mentor specialising in developing people and teams and taking the fear, hype and struggle out of network marketing. 

To find out how Michelle can help you, or if anything in this article resonates with you, do get in touch. You can fill out the comments below, email her at michelle@laterthanyouthink.co.uk or connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter @MichTD,  Facebook  or check out the rest of this website MichelleTurnerDavidson.com 

Did you wake up in the morning thinking: Today I’m going to join a Network Marketing / MLM company?

Did you wake up in the morning thinking: Today I’m going to join a Network Marketing / MLM company?

Seriously, how many people do that…

In over 12 years working in and around Network Marketing / Multilevel Marketing, one of the things that fascinates me is the prevalence and reliance on a recruitment methodology which, it seems to me, is flawed from the very get go.

The question I often ask people is: When you woke up that morning, you know the morning of the day that you were first introduced to Network Marketing, did you already know that you wanted to start a business or more specifically a Network Marketing business?

Unsurprisingly nearly everyone answers: “No”.

The challenge, as I see it, is that from then on everything that happens is about convincing a person that

1) they have some lifestyle / work-life balance problem that could do with being solved

2) they need network marketing to be the solution

3) the company that you represent is the right company and solution for them

Now of course, this isn’t how it plays out exactly. There’s often a conversation, a call, a message or a text about having a catch up, meeting for coffee. Over a coffee (or online) the conversation is kept very light and chatty about what’s going on in their lives, what are some of the problems “challenges” they face, what’s holding them back, what if they had more money, time, what difference would that make etc etc – sound familiar?

Then there’s the conversation about, “if I could show you something that would … (solve the problem)… would you at least be interested in taking a look?” Or “That’s very interesting, I may have something for you…”

And so on and so forth until they sign in the magic box which means they are now a fully joined up Independent Distributor embarking on their new business.

At this point the goals and aspirations have been changed somewhat and are now considerably bigger than earlier in the day (and certainly bigger than when they woke up) and there’s a new glint in their eye – is it excitement or madness?

Now, I could talk in some detail about the journey that they will embark on, but let’s get back to my first question. When they woke up that morning (ok by now it may have been a few mornings ago, but it may actually have been that very morning!) did they wake up knowing that’s what they wanted to do?

Anyone who has started in any business knows that it is not a decision to take lightly.  Most people spend some weeks, months and even years working out that that’s what they want to do and what they need to put into place to embark on and work through those early weeks, months, even years before their business gives them anything tangible in return.

So the conundrum here is why do Network Marketers constantly approach people who weren’t looking to start a business? Why do Network Marketers spend so much time and energy learning skills to cleverly convince people that they have problems and that Network Marketing is the way to solve them, Why do Network Marketers then spend so much time and energy motivating these people to stay on track to achieve their new goals and aspirations, and why do Network Marketers spend so much time and energy creating and implementing a training system to teach their new team members to do exactly the same thing?

Here is just a small sample of articles available about the recent rise in business startups:

Britain hits record number of startups as more aspiring entrepreneurs take the plunge

FSB small business statistics

More Young Entrepreneurs launch startups in the wake of recession

Why, when the facts are clear that more and more people are starting up new businesses, and looking for the right business opportunity and DID wake up that morning thinking about starting a business and possibly even a network marketing business, do Network Marketers ignore this and set about convincing a whole load of the wrong people to do something that it is highly likely at some point they will work out it’s not what they want at all (or that what is needed to make it work, isn’t for them)

Contrast that with those (few) Network Marketers who answer yes to my question – these are the ones who are committed to the journey including the ‘apprenticeship’ because they were already looking for something, when the right opportunity was brought to their door.  

So much time, effort, energy, blood, sweat and tears is wasted focusing on the wrong people, and then teaching those wrong people to focus on the wrong people…

Surely,  as in any business, those resources would be better focused on sourcing a more targeted group of people such as:

  • Those looking to and/or thinking about the idea of starting their own business
  • Those who have already worked out that they would like to find an additional income stream, and are researching their options

And how about providing ALL the relevant information, making it readily available (no ‘gate keepers’) very easy to access, plenty of opportunities to get questions answered – with no ties – before signing up to anything. The Network Marketing model IS a very sound business model. 

That seems a much more sustainable and business-like place to focus time and resources… particularly as there are clearly a huge number of people out there, right now, looking to start a business.

Now, maybe that IS something to wake up thinking about? Or is that just me…

Michelle Turner-Davidson is a speaker, trainer and mentor specialising in developing people and teams and taking the fear, hype and struggle out of network marketing. 

To find out how Michelle can help you, or if anything in this article resonates with you, do get in touch. You can fill out the comments below, email her at michelle@laterthanyouthink.co.uk or connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter @MichTD,  Facebook  or check out the rest of this website MichelleTurnerDavidson.com 

University of life? You bet! You ARE the expert – so start there…

University of life? You bet! You ARE the expert – so start there…

Are you anxious about where to start, whether you know enough or who’s even interested?

Let’s not make life harder than it needs to be when getting started with Content Marketing and Attraction Marketing.

Start with the one thing you really are an EXPERT in… 


No matter how others may see you or your life, only you lived it and lived it as you. People may have an opinion, but as far as your perspective on your life, that’s yours alone and is something you can own from the outset and something you know about inside out and backwards. 

By starting with ’you’ it doesn’t take long to find a range of topics you can confidently talk about and, nobody can argue with! More importantly it naturally opens connections with like-minded people making it easier to build confidence and develop skills and tools to expand these connections and relationships whilst maintaining your personal values.

Our journey to where we are now is unique and everyone of us has had a different path, and different experiences, yet when we start to talk about our stories, people naturally pick out similarities or familiarities with their own life, experience, thinking or approach. 

Attraction marketing is about people connecting with you because they like what they see, they relate to you in some way or are interested in your perspective. In my experience it is the life stuff that helps us to relate best. Wherever we are, it’s the things about people that are either similar to our own experiences or something we’re personally interested in that breaks down barriers and opens up a world of connection. And it can be something seemingly insignificant to us that is the trigger for a connection in someone else

Attraction marketing is not about convincing people, it’s about being in a place where people who are interested in what you have to ‘say’ (write, video) want to connect with you.

This video is about getting started by starting with you, your life and your experience, keeping it simple with some easy ideas and remembering your thoughts and experience are a valuable and valid platform to build upon.

Michelle Turner-Davidson is a speaker, trainer and mentor specialising in developing people and teams and taking the fear, hype and struggle out of network marketing. 

To find out how Michelle can help you, or if anything in this article resonates with you, do get in touch. You can fill out the comments below, email her at michelle@laterthanyouthink.co.ukor connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter @MichTD,  Facebook  or check out the rest of this websiteMichelleTurnerDavidson.com 

Is the 24/7 work ethic in Network Marketing / MLM healthy or effective?

Is the 24/7 work ethic in Network Marketing / MLM healthy or effective?

To make any business work a good work ethic is vital. Putting in the time and effort to establish your business, market it, build relationships and your reputation, learn the ropes and skills needed to make it work, review, reflect, rebuild and so on. All of this takes time and effort.

In Network Marketing / MLM the myth that it is ‘easy’ or ‘too good to be true’ can be readily overcome because of the consistent and persistent effort that is required to make it work.

Increasingly it seems though that an extreme work ethic is being given way more kudos than it deserves and undermining not enhancing the business model and it’s efficacy for most ‘normal’ human beings.

In a recent conversation I heard an established Network Marketer say to a team member that in order to build a business, the team member ‘just had to get on with it’ – which of course is true! – however the conversation continued and the Team Member explained that she understood this and that she wanted to move her business forward, however was suffering from anxiety (a phrase which suggested it was more than just feeling anxious occasionally) and therefore she had to manage her business activity around her illness. To which the established Networker Marketer said, “Well, I only get 3-4 hours sleep a night and if you want to make your business work like I have then you just have to do it….”

This is not at all the first time I have heard an established Network Marketers ‘boasting’ about their 24/7 work ethic. And that to achieve everything that they have achieved then you have to do the same….


So what happened to the ‘This is a business you can work around your other commitments’ and ‘This is a Lifestyle business where you you can put your personal values first’

Most people join Network Marketing as a way to enhance their lifestyle not kill it. It is a real concern that so many people who speak about their success appear to be quite unaware of the effect their words have on others, especially as they don’t seem to stop this 24/7 approach even after they have achieved considerable financial success…. Why? Surely the personal values, time and relationships you were working hard for have become the priority now that the finances are there to support this.

Anyone in self-employment will know that 9-5 goes out of the window. You work long hours, yes. But most people go into self-employment for much more than the money it’s the flexibility, the achievement, the independence and so on.

Working too hard too many hours for an extended period has a huge impact on all of those personal values and relationships that we generally go into business because of and also personal health. ‘Make your children your reason not your excuse’ is something else I’ve heard for many years – in Network Marketing a way to ‘encourage’ and ‘motivate’ you to work longer and harder than you really want to. This to me is unhelpful at best and manipulative at worst. If you are a parent the likelihood is that everything you do is for your children. They are your reason. To make your children a ‘guilty excuse’ for not working even harder in your business, seems quite abusive to me on the part of those who use the phrase. Time with your children is so important – while they are still children. Quality not quantity is key, yes, but that’s for you to decide not someone else. You can’t get that time back and parent’s have enough to feel guilty about.

Does having a 24-7  work ethic actually relate to ‘success’? In order to work effectively, there has to be a balance of work and relaxation. If you have to work 24-7 then something is wrong.

To achieve success in Network Marketing you don’t have to work 24/7 or put your personal values, relationships and health on the line. There are many ways to build your network marketing business which really do work with the time you have available.

More and more we hear of ‘burnout’ in network marketing… don’t make that you. If your upline wants to work 24-7 that’s their CHOICE. Remember why you started your business, stick to your values, keep your personal relationships strong and hold your health high – find a way that means you can build your business in a way that works for you. Yes you will have to work hard, but working smart is far more important.

Michelle Turner-Davidson is a speaker, trainer and mentor specialising in developing people and teams and taking the fear, hype and struggle out of network marketing. 

To find out how Michelle can help you, or if anything in this article resonates with you, do get in touch. You can fill out the comments below, email her at michelle@laterthanyouthink.co.uk or connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter @MichTD,  Facebook  or check out the rest of this website MichelleTurnerDavidson.com 



Why are Independent Businesses in Network Marketing / MLM so dependent?

Why are Independent Businesses in Network Marketing / MLM so dependent?

When you join a Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company you start as an Independent Distributor / Business owner. That terminology or the word ‘Independent’ is usually part of the contractual description in your joining form. Network Marketing is described as an independent business where you are on your own but don’t work alone. In other words it’s your business with support and guidance around you from people who have already successfully built their business. Network Marketing also goes by the term Team Marketing because building TEAMs and being part of a TEAM is integral to the development of the NETWORK of independent businesses that make up your organisation, and are the basis on which the Income and Marketing Plan are derived.  






“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


In this context each team member (Independent business owner) has their own reason for building their business and their own, goals and their own idea of success but the combination of all of the (Independent Businesses) team members, and the collaboration and support derived from the collective leads to the overall Success of the independent businesses and even more so for the entire organisation or originator TEAM Member (Upline). Which is also within a larger organisation and a larger organisation. And so on.

The premise in Network Marketing is that through collaboration and support (TEAM work) each Independent Business Owner can develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to build their own network. Leaders emerge naturally as those people who develop a stronger TEAM community, who proactively support the TEAM members and provide an environment where those TEAMS (and their TEAMS ) can flourish.   

In my experience, the reality is somewhat different. Independent Business Owners are very quickly deemed dependent and then this is perpetuated by the Leadership system.

From the very beginning of your journey In Network Marketing / MLM the developing Leaders is given high importance.

From your upline becoming your Leader, and their upline and so on to the Leaders you see all over Facebook and on the stage. From the moment you start your business you are primed as the Leader in your own business.

There is mindset training, personal development and success training. In recent times we have seen many new Leaders emerging and getting centre stage and huge audiences watching every move they make and hanging on to every word they say.

In many cases now the idolisation of Leaders in Network Marketing has created a power-based style of Leadership and this is fed so well by a traditional approach which seems to overlook some of the fundamentals and undermine why people see Network Marketing as attractive and effective.

Why is dependency so endemic?

  • It makes it easier for the Upline to Manage their organisation if everyone in their organisation is doing the same thing.
  • Creating Leaders helps to keep this process streamlined. People like being called Leaders.
  • If it’s easier to ‘streamline’ the process then this speeds up perceived success. If the Upline is doing what their Upline has told them (to make it easier for their Upline to Manage…) the ‘success’ is ‘inevitable’
  • It is easier to give attention and focus to the people who are ‘in the system’’
  • It takes a huge amount of energy to motivate people so it’s much easier to work with the ones who have bought into ‘The system’ and to let the others fend for themselves, unless they decide to change their minds and prove their commitment.  
  • Those people who are not ‘In’ decide that NM doesn’t work for them or that they are failures because they aren’t the right fit and no longer ‘belong’
  • The Upline’s Upline is doing the same to them so they have to tow the line too… an undertone of fear and guilt is often present.
  • The energy needed to keep everyone motivated and on message is intoxicating (and exhausting) but worth it because it is encouraged and comes with kudos. ‘Leaders’ emerge emulating their Leaders. People like being called a Leader.
  • People are attracted to Kudos and that builds more Kudos and more momentum. It’s then even easier to say it works (and it does) if you have a massive tribe of people looking up at you. If all the other ‘Leaders’ are talking about you. It is impossible to work with everyone so only working with the ones that work THE way and the emerging ‘Leaders’ in your organisation to keep ‘THE way’ the right way is the focus. Only people that fit can stay in the community that has been created.
  • People need to belong, often at all costs. It’s a basic human need. They’ll jump through hoops to stay ‘In’.  So the Kudos wins.

And this does seems to work for some people. However, for many, it doesn’t which is why the turnover of people is so high.

Leadership is not about being in charge, Leadership is about taking care of people in your charge

Simon Sinek

Leadership is about creating a healthy environment in which those people around you can thrive. Building a supportive and collaborative community where everyone is valued and has value.

Leadership is about creating the space where the knowledge and experience you share allows people to grow in a way that works for them.

There is no hierarchy in Leadership. A Leader isn’t better than anyone else, they are just good at seeing the bigger picture and helping others to find their way.

A Leader trusts that people already have what they need in themselves and their job is to help them find it.

Leadership is not managing people or motivating people. Leadership is leading by example  and with integrity and allowing people to take what they need.   

You don’t need pedestals in Leadership.

Leadership is about creating good energy not high energy.

And let’s return to the definition of ‘Independent’ from the Oxford Dictionaries:

  • Free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority, self-governing
  • Not belonging to or supported by an external part
  • Not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence
  • Capable of thinking or acting for oneself
  • Not influenced by others; impartial
  • Not connected with another or with each other; separate:treating each part as an independent unit of production
  • Not depending on something else for strength or effectiveness

Hmmm interesting, so you are an ‘Independent’ distributor/business owner by contract, yet the approach in many companies is to ignore this the minute you sign up and step through the door.  

So are you dependent or independent? Are your Leaders really leading you?

Without a doubt, and with all the pizazz out there it is certain that Success is being achieved by some.

For most, the world of dependency leaves them getting high, then struggling with the downer and looking for their next magic fix. Which before long doesn’t really give them the same kick or they recognise that the rest of their world feels quite empty and disconnected.

Network Marketing is about INDEPENDENT businesses working in a community of collaboration support and with a TEAM approach.

Independent businesses are run by people who bring their own set of skills, experience, strengths and personality and take responsibility for their own development and growth, with the support and help around and available to them and seeking out what else they need. Independent business owners choose a way of working that really does work with their values and lifestyle and are optimistic about how this may evolve over time.

Strong Independent businesses may take longer to build, but they are sustainable, healthy and lead to strong sustainable networks with no need for hype, struggle and pedestals or burnout.

Whilst your upline has a key support role to play, ‘Independent’ means it’s YOUR business and your choice not their’s …

Michelle Turner-Davidson is a speaker, trainer and mentor specialising in developing people and teams and taking the fear, hype and struggle out of network marketing. 

To find out how Michelle can help you, or if anything in this article resonates with you, do get in touch. You can fill out the comments below, email her at michelle@laterthanyouthink.co.uk or connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter @MichTD,  Facebook  or check out the rest of this website MichelleTurnerDavidson.com