Michelle Turner-Davidson is a speaker, trainer and mentor specialising in developing people and teams and taking the fear, hype and struggle out of network marketing.

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With over 15 years working in leadership, personal development, people development and team building and more than 12 years in Network Marketing, I recognise that for most people who start in Network Marketing a fundamentally different approach is needed.

With one thing at the centre: YOU. Not the company, not the system, not the dream goals, not the products, not the income, not the upline, not the training, not the marketing plan, not the hype, not even the personal development programme.

YOU. The real you living a real life (the good, the bad, and the ugly). What you you need to be ‘successful’ is already in you. Who you are and what you bring with you is the platform to make network marketing work for you. Start with YOU. Today.

Whether it’s for a team, 1to1 or an organisation, I specialise in taking the fear, hype and struggle out of network marketing, freeing up you and or your teams to be yourselves; celebrate and value individual skills, strengths, traits and experience; making this the core to success rather than the limit. Applying this to the life you are living right now and moving mindfully to the life you want to lead.

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Michelle Turner-Davidson, Forever Living and other Network Marketing organisations

If you are looking to join a network marketing business and at this stage you don’t know which one, I encourage you to do your research and find the one that suits you.

I work with people from all Network Marketing backgrounds and Companies and people who are looking to get into Network Marketing so working with me is not restricted to any particular company. Whether it is Forever LivingUtility Warehouse, Arbonne, Juice Plus, Synergy Worldwide, Herbalife, Organo Gold, Younique, or any of the many Network Marketing Companies available my approach may well make the difference to you and or your teams.

Forever Living is the Network Marketing Company that I have personally partnered with and I’ve been a Forever Business Owner (FBO) for over 12 years.

If you are in Forever Living but outside of my own team that’s fine too! I work cross line.

If you are looking to join Forever Living yourself please Click HERE to take you to the Forever Living section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a set plan to work to?

Progress through the Forever marketing plan (how we get paid) is underpinned and measured by productivity – your’s and your team’s – so any plan will be aligned to this – however the approach will be personalised and reflect where you are, who you are and where you want to get to. Understanding the skills, strengths and experience you already have along with your preferred communication styles is the starting point. We then show you how to apply that to Forever and network marketing and help you to build your own plan around the time and commitments you have and based on your personal goals and values.

Will I have to attend events or webinars etc?

With anything new, developing your skills and knowledge is essential to moving forward. Life is busy so there will be a variety of formats that you can access live or at a time convenient to you. It’s your business, your life and your choice. Network Marketing is about building an organisation and T.E.A.M work is an essential part of this. Working with others, sharing ideas, supporting, collaborating and learning builds strong capable independent teams, and can make all the difference. Choosing to commit to being part of this process will help move you to where you want to be.

Will I have to approach my family and friends?

If you have family and friends who express an interest in what you are doing then of course you can speak to them. However, the vast majority of what we do is to show you how to use attraction marketing and various techniques. These methods ensure people get to know what you are doing and have their questions answered. Then we make it easy for them to come to you. That way you get to keep your friends, family and colleagues.

Will I have to spam people with text messages or FB messaging or similar?

No, this way of working is about developing relationships with people and letting them decide.

I’ve seen people build very big incomes very quickly – will I be able to do this with you?

If you are looking for a high intensity system then the way we work here is not for you. The more you do, the more you engage with people the more you will speed up the process, so if you are looking for a quick fix then this probably won’t work for you.

This approach is a sustainable way of working that complements you, your life, your values and whilst it is a slower burn, the attrition rate is much lower, the people who join you stay, they work and they don’t burn out and neither do you. So your whole organisation is stronger and the potential organic growth is considerable – and that’s how incomes in network marketing grow. Volume.

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