In Network Marketing there is a thinking that the way to build your business is to keep throwing mud at the wall and to see what sticks. Unfortunately this means that so much of the effort and energy in network marketing is spent keeping the mud sticky.

Imagine people as grains of free flowing sand. The job of the Network Marketer / multi-level marketer in the traditional approach is to be the sticky substance that makes the sand stick together. By it’s nature the sand isn’t sticky unless something is added to make it so – the techniques used to recruit people into Network Marketing are usually designed to make people sticky. Most of those people had not thought about Network Marketing before they were approached (my recent article “Did you wake up that morning and think: Today I’m going to join a Network Marketing company talks about this in more depth) and when we are ‘convinced’ of something rather than working it out for ourselves the choices and decisions made in that environment are never wholly or intrinsically ‘owned’. So the job of the network marketer is to add the glue to turn the sand into sticky mud.


The challenge with this approach is of course that the glue constantly dries out so more and more effort is needed to keep it sticky so that it stays on the wall. And this is a huge effort because as one handful of mud lands on the wall and sticks a previous one is already falling off so there is a perpetual, and somewhat exhausting cycle of finding more sand, making it sticky and then keeping it sticky.


Network Marketing companies focus the vast majority of their resources on manufacturing the glue and using it.


Network Marketing business owners focus the vast majority of their time using this glue on themselves, on their team members and prospects as well as developing their own glue to add to the mix and enhance its stickiness.

What if…

all that time, effort and energy was spent on exploring, learning about and using the many techniques and tools there are available to find those grains of sand that are freely gathering on beaches and interested in Network Marketing or a solution that Network Marketing can provide. This sand doesn’t need any glue. It knows which beach it wants to rest on, it knows the water and it’s not afraid to get wet. Because the water always brings more sand in its direction and up on the the beach

Online for example, using tools such as google analytics, Twitter and FB tools, Klout we can work out who is already interested in what we do and say.  We can use Facebook pixel to develop a deeper knowledge of where people are spending their time.

What if…

  • you spent more time understanding how to use these tools and how to market to people who are already interested or looking?
  • you spent more time helping those people to get the information they need and answer their questions fully.
  • they chose then to get involved not because of anything you’d said but because they’d done their own research and knew exactly what they wanted – without any clever questioning or input from you. They didn’t need any glue.
  • they then got happily involved and spent their time doing the same thing. Working collaboratively with others doing the same thing, putting their energy into learning and understanding how to reach those people who are looking and interested in the business, product or service you offer.

So, is it time to stop throwing mud at the wall?…

Michelle Turner-Davidson is a speaker, trainer, mentor and founder of the NMA (Network Marketing Academy), a fresh, down to earth and open approach to Network Marketing based on real people living real lives. 

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